Building a Tabernacle for the Congregation that will serve Humanity
Exodus 33:7

TOTC New Location

Greetings friends,

Tabernacle of the Congregation Ministries has moved to our new location on 9633 N. Ivanhoe St. Portland, Oregon 97203. The sanctuary is located directly on the corner of Ivanhoe and St. Johns Rd. The Lord has blessed us with a new worship facility and we will hold our first service in the new church on March 31, 2013, Easter Sunday. Please feel free to come and worship with us and celebrate this transition and blessing from the Lord. If you need further information, please feel free to contact us at 503-288-5722 or by e-mail:

Pastor CJ


TOTC Weekly Schedule

At TOTC, we emphatically believe in teaching and inculcating every member with Biblical principles and sound instruction to augment understanding and equip believers with wisdom and practical application of the Holy Scriptures to ensure that we are conformed to the Image of God and not conformed to this world. Our teachings are designed to increase our understanding of the person of Jesus Christ as revealed in the Bible by engaging in on-going study to show ourselves approved unto God, rightly dividing the Word of Truth, and growing in the grace and knowledge of God. Please consider this your invitation to come and join us at one of our teaching sessions listed below:

Sunday School @ 9:30 AM each Sunday morning. We have been examining the concept of faith and what it means to have faith in God – Mark 11:22

Spiritual Formation @ 7:00 PM every Tuesday. Spiritual formation deals with the holistic growth and development of Christian Believers beginning with the inner man (our spirit) with the intent of deepening our faith and relationship with God. We will launch a series on the tension between the flesh and the spirit focusing on the book of Romans and Galatians.

TOTC Christian Education from 9:00 AM every Saturday. We will begin an overview of the gospel of Matthew, followed by an overview of the gospels of Luke and John. Once we complete overviews of the four gospels, we will begin a study and series that focuses on the person of Jesus Christ and then launch into the parables of Jesus.

Prayer Services:

Sunday @ 9:30 AM & 10:15 AM

Tuesday @ 6:30 PM





Welcome to the Tabernacle

Pastor Carlos Jermaine Richard, Evangelist Sharlene L. Richard, and the Tabernacle Church Family welcome you to Tabernacle of the Congregation Ministries. We invite you to worship and celebrate with us each Sunday morning at 10:30 am as we exalt the matchless name of Jesus. Tabernacle of the Congregation is a vibrant and exciting ministry located in the historic St. Johns Community in the heart of New Columbia Villa.

We are immensely grateful that you have taken the time to browse the TOTC website and learn more about our ministry and the Tabernacle Church Family. At the Tabernacle, our main objective is to extol and magnify the name of Jesus through Christ centered worship, praise, and preaching the uncompromising Gospel message of the Kingdom. We are a spirit-filled ministry and when you come and worship with us, please feel free to clap your hands, lift up your voice in song, stretch your hands toward God’s Throne, and shout for joy. We believe that the God of salvation will lift every burden, destroy every yoke, and make you whole in every way.

Please accept this personal invitation to be our guest in one of our worship services and if you do not have a Church home to call your own we encourage you to inquire about becoming a member on our new member link. Again, we welcome you to experience the joy, peace, and blessings in the Tabernacle.

Pastor Carlos Jermaine Richard, MA, M. Div.

Evangelist  Sharlene L. Richard

Welcome to the Tabernacle


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